Divine Noise

In Development • Play
Artwork for Divine Noise (Play, In Development) - Drawing of an ear bleeding out from the ear hole on faded yellow paper

A play about tinnitus and the things we do to ignore reality.

James gives up his misfiring stand-up career to work in an industry with a bit more stability. The death industry. People die all the time and his new job as a humanist celebrant still allows him to perform to ‘audiences’ but with the added benefit of actually getting paid.

But when he conducts a funeral for someone who had tinnitus, something reawakens in James that he has long kept buried deep within his subconscious; the noises in his head. What happens when something you have ignored all your life starts to demand that it is listened to?

Divine Noise is a thrilling play about tinnitus and the things we do to avoid reality. Developed for deaf and hearing audiences, it is performed in English and BSL with creative captions incorporated throughout and will feature a deaf actor. The script has been long-listed for both the Bruntwood Prize and the 503 Award.

Programming Info

Pencilled for a 4-week London run in early 2024.

We are now seeking regional venue partners with suitable studio spaces to bring the show to a wider audience either as a preview to the London production, or following this run.