Hello, I’m Jack Dryden!

I’m a fringe theatre producer who makes things happen.

Jack Dryden • Fringe Theatre Producer | Profile picture of Jack Dryden, head and shoulders picture of Jack who has blond hair and square navy glasses, against a teal blue background.

My shows & projects.

I produce small shows that spark big thoughts and feelings!

Fringe theatre is small but mighty. I believe it’s often in the smallest rooms that shows can have the biggest impact.

Jack Dryden - Fringe Theatre Producer stood in front of an Underbelly poster wall at the Edinburgh Fringe

A little bit about me.

I make theatre things happen. As a producer, I focus on the business side of shows managing logistics, money and marketing.

I caught the producing bug at university. I studied law, but before long I spent more time working on student theatre than legal coursework!

After graduating, I spent 3 years working in regional theatres as a marketing executive, learning what it takes to sell tickets and grow loyal audiences who keep coming back.

Now based in London, I balance producing theatre with a day job as a civil servant at the Department for Culture, Media & Sport.